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Our passion is helping children with special needs and the families and caregivers that support them.

About Us

The Kioko Center has been providing expert occupational and speech therapy services to children and young adults, ages birth to 21 years, since 2006. During that time, we have developed the highest quality standards for our therapies and services. Our staff are highly trained and prepared to integrate the latest therapy techniques into your child’s sessions. We provide comprehensive, individualized therapies which facilitate overall development and independence. We look to our name, Kioko, meaning “Happy Child” in Japanese as a guiding principle for our work.


Massachusetts Pediatric Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy for Children and Young Adults

At the Kioko Center we are passionate about providing the very best OT therapy and SLP therapy services for children and young adults. We serve the schools, therapists, and families that support them. We are a pediatric therapy organization that specializes in occupational therapy and speech therapy. Our multidisciplinary, holistic approach gives each child the best chance to realize their full potential.

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