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The Kioko Center’s Mission and Vision

Kioko Center’s mission is to:

Always treat its team members with respect and dignity, while providing the resources needed for them to be successful personally and professionally. This enables us to deliver occupational therapy and speech therapy to the children we work within a safe and nurturing environment. The Kioko Center is dedicated to providing caregivers with resources and training relevant to their child’s diagnosis so that the children we serve achieve their highest level of functionality and well-being.


Kioko Center’s Vision:

That every child who needs therapy gets it and reaches their full potential

The CBS Therapy Difference

The Kioko Difference

At Kioko we provide therapy in a collaborative environment. We understand that the children we work with are living and learning 24/7. All the people in their environment have a role in their progress. Our occupational therapists and speech therapists work together closely, and our staff collaborates with parents, caregivers, teachers, and other health care providers. Our holistic approach is designed to support carry-over and achieve optimal outcomes. Meeting the needs of the children and families we work with while fostering the “Happy Child” is our goal.

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