Affirmations are a quick, easy (and free!) intervention for children who are working on building their self-esteem.  These positive messages can foster a growth-mindset.  Affirmations can be especially impactful for children who have excellent self-awareness skills.  Especially when there is a gap between their potential and what they can actually do.  When a child recognizes a challenge (whether it is listening to the teacher or sharing with a friend), they can withdraw from the activity.  This limits their practice and ultimately growing skills in that area.  Affirmations can help kids reframe the situation and recognize their strengths.


Of course, honor what is unique about the child when creating your own affirmations.  Does the child have a deeply creative imagination?  Share that!  Are they loving to animals?  Let them know that you recognize that and teach them to recognize that in themselves.  Older children can be guided to contribute their own ideas for affirmations.  Here are some ideas to get started:


Affirmations for Relationships:


Reciprocal play and communication can be challenging for many children with developmental delays.  The back and forth nature of conversation and the inability to control the other individual can make for a difficult scenario.  These affirmations will help children see their ability to interact with others in a positive light.



Affirmations for Regulation:


These will look different depending on what tools the child uses to regulate and what language they respond best to.  The point of these affirmations is to help the child understand that they have control over their body and how they feel, and can make positive changes to make their body feel good.



Affirmations for Executive Functioning:


If we want our children to be as independent as possible, we need to be sure to give them a mindset to empower them to try when things are tricky or present a challenge.  These affirmations are great for children of all ages and abilities:



Affirmations for Any Day:


Starting each day with a positive affirmation can create a growth mindset and build resilience for when any challenges inevitably arise.  When children are empowered, feel in control, and their self-esteem is nurtured, they are better able to access the higher level skills that help keep them at their best.



Do you use positive affirmations with your child or students?  Share any favorites in the comment section below!

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