Visual motor skills are our hands and eyes ability to work together. Visual Motor Skills allow us to process information around us. It is the ability to observe, recognize, and use visual information about forms, shapes, figures, and objects makes up our visual motor abilities. Visual motor skills include a combination of visual information which is perceived and processed with motor skills, including fine motor, gross motor, and sensory motor. Visual motor skills (and visual motor integration) are essential for coordinating and adjusting our body according to what our eyes perceive.


Visual Processing Skills: How our eyes move and take in visual information in order to process that input. Visual skills include visual tracking, convergence, saccades, visual fixation, and visual attention.


Visual Perceptual Skills: Visual perception is our ability to make sense of what we see. Visual perceptual skills include visual memory, visual closure, form constancy, visual spatial relations, visual discrimination, visual attention, visual sequential memory, and visual figure ground.


Eye-Hand Coordination: Using visual input effectively and efficiently with the hands allows us to manipulate and manage objects and items. These motor skills allow us to collect visual information and use it in a motor action. Eye-hand coordination requires fine motor dexterity, strength, shoulder stability, core stability, etc.


(The OT Toolbox, 2021)

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