10 February 2023

How Can Music Benefit People With Autism

There are many steps you can follow to help your child reach their full potential. For example, therapeutic interventions such as Speech Therapy, ABA (Applied Behavioral Analysis), and Occupational Therapy can help your child develop a range of new skills in a supportive and comfortable environment.   However, you can also do plenty of things […]

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17 November 2022

How To Help Your Child with Autism Get More Sleep

We’ve all felt the implications of poor sleep before. For example, you may have felt irritable, less focused or even a little sick as a result. However, while this is an occasional issue for most of us, children (and adults) with autism and related disorders often find it harder than most to get enough sleep. […]

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13 October 2022

Your Child Needs Proprioceptive Input: Here’s Why

Often considered the sixth sense, proprioception is essential for body awareness and movement. The sensory receptors are in the muscles and joints. These receptors send messages to the brain about body positioning and the direction and strength needed for a particular movement. For example, how to precisely stack blocks without knocking them over or pouring […]

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24 August 2022

Developmental Motor Assessments for Physical and Occupational Therapists

An evaluation is the start of a therapeutic relationship.  It is an opportunity to gather data, observe, and use critical thinking skills.  Standardized assessments provide data for qualifying children for services.  They can also establish a baseline for creating goals and designing a remediation plan.  Selecting an appropriate motor assessment for your client will ensure […]

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4 August 2022

Affirmations for Children with Special Needs

Affirmations are a quick, easy (and free!) intervention for children who are working on building their self-esteem.  These positive messages can foster a growth-mindset.  Affirmations can be especially impactful for children who have excellent self-awareness skills.  Especially when there is a gap between their potential and what they can actually do.  When a child recognizes […]

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26 July 2022

The Most Widely Used Interdisciplinary Behavior Strategies

Children with autism spectrum disorder, attention deficit disorder,andother developmental delays often have professionals of all different backgrounds providing strategies for their success.  While occupational, physical, and speech therapy, special education, and applied behavior analysts have different focuses, these professionals often use the same foundations to help kids learn and grow.  Read on for the most […]

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10 May 2022

Getting Ready to Write: 6 Activities to Help Children Prepare for Writing

The expectation for kids to start writing is getting earlier and earlier all of the time. However, the youngest children don’t have the physical development needed to use the small muscles in their fingers and hands to hold and control a pencil. Writing is a foundational learning skill that helps requires visual-motor integration, bilateral coordination, […]

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3 May 2022

7 Simple Ways to Get Proprioceptive Input

Most children benefit from proprioceptive sensory work built into their day. The proprioceptive system receptors are located in our joints and muscles and tell us about where our body is in space. The benefits of stimulating this system vary for different children but can help children feel regulated, calm, and ready to focus. Unlike the […]

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27 January 2022

The Vestibular System: Four Places for Intervention

The vestibular system, located in the inner ear, gives us information about how our head is oriented in space and is essential for balance. The vestibular system is closely linked to the visual system and postural control. Some children experience challenges related to the development of this system, and it may reflect in their poor […]

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18 October 2021

What is the difference between Physical and Occupational Therapy

What is the Difference between Physical and Occupational Therapy?   Special and general educators carry many roles, including observing child development from many different perspectives. A teacher may refer a student for a speech evaluation, cognitive testing, or a behavior assessment. While these performance areas seem distinct, teachers are often uncertain if they should refer […]

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18 October 2021

What is Speech Therapy

What Is Speech Therapy?   Whether it be talking with co-workers around the water cooler, saying “I love you” to your spouse, sharing a joke with your neighbor, texting your brother, or sending an email to your boss, people love to communicate, it’s what we do.  Communication, in all its forms, is what creates and […]

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18 October 2021

Speech Therapy for Autism

  Speech-language therapy is recommended for almost everyone diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder. This makes sense because most children with autism have impaired communication that requires assistance. Even those with high functioning autism can benefit from speech-language therapy.   What is Speech-language Therapy? Speech therapy is the treatment of speech and communication disorders; thus, […]

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18 October 2021

Online Certifications for Pediatric Occupational Therapists

Online Certifications for Pediatric Occupational Therapists   In the past year, many special certification programs for occupational therapists have moved to an online platform.  You can get access to excellent professional development without having to travel, miss work, or give up your weekend to participate in an engaging workshop!  The following programs are offering the […]

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