Online Certifications for Pediatric Occupational Therapists


In the past year, many special certification programs for occupational therapists have moved to an online platform.  You can get access to excellent professional development without having to travel, miss work, or give up your weekend to participate in an engaging workshop!  The following programs are offering the chance to get a specialty certification from the comfort of your own home.


Astronaut Training

Hone your sensory expertise by participating in an Astronaut Training workshop.  The Astronaut Protocol involves the integration of the vestibular, auditory, and visual systems.  The webinars are live and occur over the course of two consecutive days.  Content includes an overview of pathways and functions of the related sensory systems, clinical observations, assessments, demonstrations, labs, and treatment planning.  The registration price includes the protocol handbook and certification to immediately begin utilizing the program.



DIRFloortime is an evidence-based intervention strategy that allows parents, caregivers and professionals to build strong relationships to promote healthy child development.  The model is comprehensive and has an emphasis on the child’s strengths and interests.  To obtain a DIRFloortime Basic Certificate you must complete the DIR 201 course.  The live online classes are available for different time zones with early morning and evening sessions available for busy professionals.


Learning Without Tears

The popular workshops for occupational therapists have moved online!  Learning Without Tears (formerly known as Handwriting Without Tears) is now offering live virtual sessions for their handwriting workshops.  Class topics include pre-writing, printing, cursive, hybrid handwriting instruction, and handwriting assessments.  To become certified you will need to take four courses, complete an in-service presentation, take an exam and complete two case studies.


Therapeutic Listening

This live webinar will teach you how to implement Therapeutic Listening strategies into your everyday practice with a special emphasis on areas of sensory development, postural control, and respiration.  The course content includes a review of anatomy and physiology, a look into current research, clinical case studies and problem solving.  Certification is earned after successful participation in this course.


Board Certification in Pediatrics (BCP)

Do you have significant experience in the area of pediatrics?  You may be ready to take the exam for board certification.  Eligibility requirements for this AOTA certification include current certification, three years of practice in a pediatric setting, at least 3,000 hours of pediatric practice within the last five years, and at least 500 hours of providing direct occupational therapy to pediatric clients.


Certified Autism Specialist

Similar to AOTA’s board certification in pediatrics, the credential of Certified Autism Specialist is granted to professionals who have at least two years of experience working with the autism spectrum population, 14 related continuing education hours within the last two years, and pass a competency exam.  A list of accepted CEUs that are available online and accepted for the certification are found here. 


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